Aloha Spirit


At Hawaiian Bros, we’re inspired every day to spread the Aloha Spirit. To show kindness and respect, and to treat everyone as ’ohana, like family, in everything we do.

Our Founding Principles

In true Aloha Spirit, Hawaiian Bros was founded on the principles of honor, inclusion and gratitude. We respect the dignity and self-worth of every individual, whether you’re a guest enjoying a meal or the team member preparing it. In our ’ohana, everyone belongs. We value our differences and celebrate our common ground. And we say, “thank you” often, emphasizing the positive in our lives every day.

Positive Vibes
Lead to Positive Lives

We’re on a mission to spread the Aloha Spirit to our customers, employees, communities, partners, and beyond. It’s why we’re working with local civic centers and organizations in the state of Hawaii and on the mainland to celebrate Hawaiian people, land, arts and culture.

Fresh and Delicious, Served Fast

Each of our meals is thoughtfully prepared with generous portions of fresh, quality ingredients, with service that’s not only fast, but also friendly and welcoming. And we never use freezers, fryers or microwaves.

Eating Hawaiian

From Huli Huli Chicken with our signature teriyaki sauce to perfectly seasoned Macaroni Salad to sweet and savory SPAM® Musubi, our tasty grindz are inspired by authentic island favorites.

Home of the Plate Lunch

Our menu is an homage to the Hawaiian plate lunch. In the 1880s, as Hawaii’s pineapple and sugar plantations grew, laborers from Asian nations with diverse culinary traditions came to the islands. Their lunches typically consisted of a plate of rice and leftover meat from the previous night’s meal. By the 1950s, the “plate lunch” had grown in popularity and was popping up at roadside stands. Today, it remains an essential part of Hawaii’s homegrown culture. It’s the comfort food you eat with your ’ohana, an island staple all walks of life come together to enjoy.